China (Henan) – Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Conference held in Germany

Original published in Henan by Wulin-Abrasivestocks at 2023-03-09 21:36 At 5 p.m. on March 8, local time in Germany, “German Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Conference ” was held in the conference hall of Leipzig Convention Center.

German Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Conference

More than 160 representatives from Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, Leipzig Bureau of Commerce, Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association, German-China Economic Federation, German Association of Precision Machinery Tools, Xuchang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, German branch of Abrasivestocks, as well as German and Chinese enterprises participating in German Grinding Exhibition attended the conference.

The conference was presided over by Mr. Xu Daqun, director of Industry Development Promotion Division of Henan Provincial Department of Commerce.

Mr. Xu Daqun said that Henan and Germany has always maintained close economic and trade relation, and the two sides have cooperated in the field of equipment manufacturing for many years with remarkable achievements. Today’s gathering is to discuss the prospect and future of cooperation and exchange between Henan Province and German equipment manufacturing industry.

After watching the feature film “Open Henan Welcomes You”, Mr. Su Guobao, the secondary inspector of Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, delivered a speech.

Mr. Su Guobao briefly introduced the situation in Henan, and discussed and exchanged views on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between Henan and Germany. He said that in the future, Henan will be more and more closely connected with the world to achieve a higher level of mutual benefit and win-win results.

Mr. Dr. Gert Ziener, President of the IHK Leipzig , delivered a speech.

Dr. Gert Ziner introduced Leipzig’s geographical advantages and business environment, and also briefly talked about the important issue of vocational training, as well as the ongoing cooperation projects between Germany and China in this regard. He said that enterprises need high-quality workers who can meet the requirements of modern production and service structures. The Leipzig Business Bureau has been supporting training programs in China for 15 years, and has carried out multi-industry engineer training and examinations at technical colleges in Yangzhou, Dongguan and Taizhou according to German conditions.

Mr. Sun Zhaoda, Secretary General of Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association, delivered a speech.

Secretary-general Mr. Sun said that China and Germany have always been important trading partners of each other, and the non-governmental organizations and enterprises of the two countries also enjoy sound mutual trust and cooperation. In the global field of superhard materials and products, both China and Germany occupy a very important position. This event will be a good opportunity for upstream and downstream to exchange and learn from each other and jointly promote the development of global grinding technology, products and industrial chain. Meanwhile, he also sincerely invites the business representatives of German grinding and related fields to participate in the World Diamond Conference 2023 in Zhengzhou, China.

Ms. Silke Besser, President of German-Chinese Economic Federation , delivered a speech.


Ms. Silke Besser said that while the past few years have been extremely turbulent, German-Chinese trade has continued to grow in recent years. Last year, the total trade volume between the two countries reached 297.9 billion euros. There is great potential for cooperation between Germany and Henan, and she believes that the development of both regions can be strengthened and promoted through knowledge and experience exchange as well as joint projects.

Mr. Hannas Kock, Director of the German Precision Machinery Tools Association, delivered a speech.

Mr. Hannas Cock spoke about the current situation and challenges facing of the abrasive industry. He said that during the epidemic, German abrasive sales fell by about 20%, but have now basically recovered. The challenge in the future is mainly that Europe leads the green policy and has strict requirements on vehicle emissions, which will also affect the abrasive industry. We must further develop precision tools.

Mr. Zhao Xiaogang, Director of the Development Office of Commerce Bureau of Xuchang City Henan Province, made an investment promotion of Sino-German (Xuchang) Industrial Park.

Mr. Zhao Xiaogang introduced the situation and achievements of Xuchang, as well as the situation of excellent superhard enterprises in Xuchang. At the same time, he also introduced the project of Sino-German Xuchang Industrial Park.

Mr. Qiwei Wu, general manager of German branch of, made the industry promotion.

Mr. Wu introduced Abrasivestocks,com and the two new business segments of Abrasivestocks — the overseas industrial warehouses in the United States and Germany, and the Australian branch. Mr. Wu said that overseas warehouses provide warehousing and logistics services for customers on the platform, as well as further sales trusteeship, so that small and medium-sized manufacturers can focus more on product development and manufacturing. In November last year, Abrasivestocks successfully entered the supplier system of Saint Gobain, and in January, it began supplying to Saint-Gobain Le Havre factory in France from the Berlin warehouse. This further proves the huge market potential of overseas warehouse.

In December this year, the Australia Hardware Tool & Grinding Expo (ATGE) co-founded by the Abrasivestocks and the Australian industry association will be held in Brisbane, then welcome Chinese and German enterprises to participate.

After the enthusiastic speeches of all the guests, it was time for the free docking of enterprises. The German and Chinese enterprises participating in the Grindtec expo had in-depth exchanges and discussions.

This conference will push the cooperation between Henan and Germany to a new level. Representatives of enterprises attending the meeting expressed that they had harvested a lot.