The online trading project of is officially launched

The online trading project of is officially launched


May 20

Moku Online Transaction Officially Launched


Yang Heng, CEO of, said that the online transaction was planned to be launched four years ago when was established. Before the online transaction was launched, took the integrity declaration activity as the starting point and introduced the ant integrity enterprise platform to improve the integrity of grinding enterprises and transactions. After several years of preparation and research and development by team, it was officially released on May 20.

01.Why did launch online trading?

The pain point of unsalable inventory in the domestic grinding industry; Overseas buyers cannot quickly connect the pain points of Chinese high-quality grinding manufacturers; Grind the pain point of slow collection of accounts receivable in the industrial chain. In response to the above three pain points, Moku launched an online transaction.

02.How do companies settle in online transactions?

In the studio, Yang Heng demonstrated the entry and operation process of online transactions. Scan the two-dimensional code on the right to check the entry process.

03. Failed to authenticate the online transaction of the mill library?

The reason is here At present, many enterprises have settled in online transactions and successfully completed certification. There are also some companies that failed during certification and were unable to enter successfully. The editor will take an inventory of the common reasons for the failure of online transaction authentication in the mill library.

If the above contents cannot help you solve the problem, you can contact the customer service of for consultation. Telephone: 15515917616 (WeChat with the same number).

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