DeburringTec – Deburring & Finishing Technology Exhibition opens

On March 22-24, 2023, the International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technology Exhibition is held at the Shanghai International Sourcing Convention and Exhibition Center.

As a professional exhibition of surface finishing and precision cleaning technology for industrial parts, DeburringTec brings a large number of cutting-edge new technologies and innovative products.

Judging from the exhibition situation of the staff of Abrasivestocks on the first day, the flow of people in this exhibition is relatively large. The types of exhibitors cover deburring, cutting tools, precision grinding, polishing and abrasives related companies.

Visitors who came to the Abrasivestocks booth for consultation were also bustling. Some needed jewelry polishing products, some needed grinding materials, some tool companies were looking for promotion, and there were also machinery manufacturing, wire brush and other companies…Many consultants were interested in the promotion methods and magazines of Abrasivestocks.

Abrasivestocks booth

Abrasivestocks cooperated with the organizer of the DeburringTec exhibition to set up a special area for abrasives and abrasive tools, focusing on displaying abrasives, abrasive tools and new services, which is a high-quality publicity channel for abrasive and abrasive tools enterprises.

On the first day of the exhibition, the Abrasives Zone of Abrasivestocks was crowded with visitors, and there was an endless stream of visitors in front of the booths of 12 companies.

Abrasives zone-Abrasivestocks

Abrasives Zone-Abrasivestocksreserve enterprise display time for exhibitors. Four companies were showcased on the first day, namely:

Yangjiang Weiyi Polishing Material Co.,Ltd

 Yichuan Fengli Mineral Factory

Huzhou Shuanglin Sixing Finishing Machinery Material Factory

Guangdong Inda Industrial Co., LTD

At the exhibition site, we also discussed the effect of the exhibition with several persons in charge of the grinding enterprises who participated in the exhibition.

Whitedove Abrasive Tools Co., ltd

Li Xin, the manager of Whitedove Abrasive Tools Co., ltd., said that this exhibition is very professional, and the customers are also very accurate. There has been an endless stream of customers who come to the booth for consultation. The brochures brought on the first day were basically distributed before closing, and the exhibition effect was very good.


Shenzhen Kingchens Abrasives Co., Ltd

Chen Baofeng, general manager of Shenzhen Kingchens Abrasives Co., Ltd., said that the exhibition is highly professional, both exhibitors and visitors are very professional. At the same time, he also gave a positive evaluation of the abrasives zone built by Abrasivestocks, saying it is the highlight of this exhibition, and he hope to do it on a larger scale in the future to achieve better results.

Henan More Super Hard Products Co.,Ltd

Jiao Jie, general manager of Henan More Super Hard Products Co., Ltd., said that he was very interested in the content of the exhibition forum after seeing the publicity materials of the exhibition, so he came here early in the morning.  After listening to the first day of the forum, he felt that he gained a lot. The forum was full of speeches by enterprises in the field of automatic grinding equipment and consumables, and the communication was relatively cutting-edge technology.  The forum content was very good, and the knowledge learned will be passed on to colleagues in time.

Henan Golddove Abrasives Co., Ltd

Dang Junjie, chairman of Henan Golddove Abrasives Co., Ltd., also came to the exhibition site. He said that the company is also developing new products in precision polishing, so he came to the exhibition to learn. Judging from the visits, the exhibition is very professional and the communication effect is also good.

With the development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of demand, precision machining has shown a professional development direction, especially in the automotive industry, aerospace, precision engineering, medical equipment, electronic appliances, mold manufacturing, instrumentation and other application fields. The requirements for manufacturing precision of parts and the miniaturization of mechanism design are getting higher and higher. This puts forward higher requirements for deburring and surface finishing technology, and also poses greater challenges to the grinding consumables for supporting processing.

How can we keep up with technological development trends? This exhibition will become the development direction indicator of the abrasives industry.

Concurrent Forum

With the development of precision and ultra-precision machining technology, traditional deburring technology can no longer meet the needs of modern production technology, and the development of automation, intelligence and digitalization has become an inevitable trend. This exhibition focuses on “surface finishing, professional exhibitions, and new technologies”. There will be many summit forums during the exhibition, focusing on 40+ hot topics, focusing on the innovation and development of cutting-edge precision machining technologies and their vertical applications, and jointly promoting the global surface The development and progress of precision machining technology.