Introduction to Online Trading of

On May 20, 2022, online trading project was officially launched. Transfer the transaction of grinding enterprises from offline to online, so that more buyers can see you, so that the order volume continues to increase, and also provide more diversified choices for your procurement.

◤ Pain Points Solved by Online Trading
● Solve the pain point of slow collection of accounts receivable in the grinding industry chain.
● Solve the pain point of unsalable inventory in the domestic grinding industry.
● Solve the pain point that overseas buyers cannot quickly connect with Chinese high-quality grinding manufacturers.
◤ Advantages of Online Trading
● Trading is more convenient. Buyers can trade at any time as long as the products are uploaded to
● Expand the scope of transactions. Buyers all over the world can purchase.
Low cost. The trading platform built by allows enterprises to enter and use it at the lowest cost.
● It has stronger influence and timeliness than traditional business models. Just update the pictures of new products online, and buyers can see relevant information in time.
Reduce time and procurement costs, more convenient procurement. Purchasing personnel can quickly purchase products by logging on the website without having to travel.
Support for financial services. Safe and convenient online experience and honest business philosophy provide data support for later financial services, inject new elements into the traditional grinding industry, and stimulate new vitality.
◤ Explanation on Security of Online Transactions
1. payment security answer:
Payment security: after submits the payment application, each payment requires the financial personnel to log in to the online banking to make the payment. There is no case of embezzlement of payment. The financial personnel can verify whether each payment is a real library purchase order.
Payment security: As long as the order is traded through platform, the financial payment will be frozen in the supplier collection bank, the funds are supervised by the bank, and the ticket payment is consistent. There is no objection to the buyer’s inspection. After clicking on to confirm the receipt, the payment will be unfrozen in the supplier’s collection account. If the inspection fails, the payment confirmed to be the responsibility of the supplier will be returned to the purchaser’s account by the same route.
2. User Information and Data Security Answers: ensures that the data transmission process can be traced, traceable, and correlated to ensure the correctness of the transmitted data; the ssl encrypted transmission is used to encrypt the data and pass the secure transmission protocol to ensure the security of data transmission.
All the data opened by e-collection treasure are not collected by The data are directly submitted to Sichuan Xinwang Bank Co., Ltd. for acceptance on the website. Sichuan Xinwang Bank Co., Ltd. has no right to disclose user data information to third parties without user permission.
3. Solution to Platform Data Disaster Recovery Capability:
Real-time multi-remote backup platform data can recover lost data even if major natural disasters such as earthquakes occur. Unless multiple off-site servers suffer from force majeure natural disasters at the same time, the probability of this situation is very low.