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–The Fourth Phase of Abrasive and Abrasive Tools Training Program of Materials School of Henan University of Technology Successfully Concluded

From September 18 to 24, the fourth session of the Abrasive and Abrasive Tools Seminar in the School of Materials of Henan University of Technology were successfully completed.
Professor Han Ping teaches the topic of “Organic Abrasive Knowledge Training” around abrasive characteristics and selection, bonding and abrasive treatment, formula design and technology.
Professor Zhang Shusen brought the topic of “Abrasive Smelting, Processing and Manufacturing Technology” and talked about the concept of abrasives and abrasive smelting equipment.
The course taught by Professor Wang Yanrong is “Manufacturing of Coated Abrasives”, which mainly discusses the three aspects of the overview of coated abrasives, the three elements of the structure of coated abrasives, and the preparation of coated abrasives.
Professor Zou Wenjun described the “Abrasive Tool Development Concept” around positioning, national needs, technological innovation and other aspects.
The topic taught by Professor Hou Yonggai is “Characteristic Performance and Selection of Ceramic Abrasive Tools”, which is described from the aspects of basic concepts, structure, characteristic performance and selection of abrasive tools.

Mr. Guo Peng brought the topic of “Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of China’s Commodity Price Fluctuations”, explaining in detail the contents of agricultural product futures, precious metal futures, energy futures, etc.
Professor Cui Wei led the students on a visit to the laboratory. Through field observation equipment, students can know more about the knowledge taught in class.
Professor Li Zhengxin brought you the topic of “Innovative Development Path of Abrasives and Abrasives”, focusing on innovative technical approaches, specialization and innovation, and suggestions.
President Xu Sankui brought the topic of “Improving the Core Competitiveness of Enterprise Personnel-Experimental Design (Management) Optimization Law. Dean Xu described the development of experimental design and data processing, the three elements of experimental design, and the four principles of experimental design.
In order to enrich the teaching content and speed up the docking between traditional grinding enterprises and the Internet, Bai Ning, general manager of the grinding library network, connected with Qiang Xiaojun, general manager of Damon grinding wheel, to give the students a line class on “how to do live broadcast of abrasive and grinding enterprises” and teach the students the actual combat experience of live broadcast of industrial products.

Dr. Li Yantao taught “The Mystery of Diamond”. At the beginning of the course, Mr. Li collected the questions that everyone was interested in through a questionnaire survey and gave targeted lectures according to the results submitted by everyone.

After the course, the closing ceremony of the 4th Session Abrasive Tool Seminar was held.
At the ceremony, Chen Yuandong, secretary general of China Coated Abrasive Tools Branch, delivered a speech and business representatives shared and exchanged views. At the same time, student completion certificate and outstanding student certificate are also issued. Finally, President Xu Sankui concluded his speech.