Cloth Backing Belt


Cloth backing belt uses proprietary micro-replication technology by coating micron-graded aluminum oxide particles on cloth to form pyramid structural article. The article has self-sharping property to produce fresh mineral layer to keep consistent cutting when it wears, so that it shows long life and excellent uniformity. There are two types of J weight and X weight cloth used for grinding and finishing different types of metal.

Mineral Aluminum Oxide
Application Hard metals, Soft metal, Alloy
Micro Shape Quadrangular Pyramid
Grit size 5000#, 3000#, 2500#,1200#, 600#, 400#
Color White, Grey black
Backing Cloth
Cloth Weight J Weight, X Weight
Attachment Velcro for discs
Regular form
φ115mm, φ127mm, 50mm*2100mm,50mm*915mm, Jumbo roll

 Medium pressure and finer finishes than conventional belts
 Heat resistance to protect the metal surface
 Flexible backing to cover profiled surface
 High efficiency for grinding and finishing
 Ideal for intermediate finishing prior to buffing


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