Coated Abrasives

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Coated Abrasive belts are widely used in the grinding and polishing of MDF, particle board, plywood, bamboo and wood products and rattan products, grinding and polishing of complex surfaces such as stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, plates and engine blades, metal, Polishing and wire drawing of non-metallic materials, etc.

●Wood sheet processing coated abrasives
Base material: Y-weight polyester cloth
Binder: Full resin Abrasive: Silicon carbide
Sand planting: close planting sand
Granularity: PI2- P400 Shape: roll, abrasive belt

• Long service life, strong cutting efficiency, consistent surface finish quality
• Good processing performance for flat and complex surface grinding in machine operation and manual operation

●Hardware processing coated abrasives
① Base material: J-weight blended fabric
Binder: full resin
Abrasive: calcined corundum
Sand planting: close planting sand
Granularity: P60-P1000
Shape: roll, abrasive belt
② Base material: Y-weight polyester cloth
Binder: full resin
Abrasive: RM851 burnt corundum, RM865 mixed abrasive
Sand planting: close planting sand
Granularity: P36-P600
Shape: roll, abrasive belt

Features: • Strong ductility resistance and stable backing material – strong sand adhesion
• Strong machinability
• Suitable for dry and wet grinding – can work in heavy oil, water to remove
die cast and forged fly spurs and frills
• It is widely used in the field of stainless steel plate drawing
• Grinding material carbon steel, stainless steel, cobalt and nickel alloy, aluminum zinc alloy and other metals

●Difficult-to-grind metal processing coated abrasives
① Zirconium corundum series
Base material: Y-weight
Polyester cloth Binder: Full resin
Abrasive: Zirconia corundum
Sand planting; dense planting sand
Granularity; P24-P120
Shape; roll. abrasive belt

• Strong, heavy tear resistance matrix – special sand, abrasive not easy to fall
off – high pressure resistance, not easy to fracture – high toughness – special
surface cooling coating – long service life – short delivery time
• Suitable for grinding of dry grinding welding joints
• High pressure heavy duty grinding used to remove flings and burrs from
die casting and forging
• Suitable for surface grinding, edge grinding and slight surface grinding
②Ceramic corundum series
Base material: Y-weight
Polyester cloth binder: all resin
Abrasive: ceramic corundum
Abrasive planting sand: dense planting sand
Granularity: P24-P120
Shape: roll, sand belt
Features: • High strength, suitable for high load cutting; High grinding efficiency and
long service life
• Low grinding power, low grinding heat, no burn
• Heat sensitive alloy castings – nickel alloy turbine blades – aeroengine
• Wind turbine blade
• Tank – Nuclear power reactor
③Accumulated abrasive series
Base material: Y-weight
J-weight blended fabric
Polyester cloth binder: all resin
Abrasive: Accumulated abrasive
Sand planting: dense sand planting
Grain size: P80-P1200
Shape: roll, sand belt
Applicable material: carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, stainless steel plate, titanium steel plate, stainless steel coil surface grinding, wire drawing, polishing, can effectively remove or repair the surface of the steel plate burr, inclusion, rust, sag, etc. At the same time, it is more suitable for grinding and polishing of
titanium alloy surface, stainless steel wire drawing and large surface grinding of
medium and high density wood plate. Applications: golf ball head, titanium plate, composite explosive plate, aero
engine blade, turbine blade, turbine blade, water turbine blade, furniture plate, etc

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