Sponge sand



Sanding Sponges combine good performance with great value. These four sided sponges are ideal when sanding and finishing wood, metal, drywall, fiberglass and painted surfaces. After use, these sponges can be rinsed and reused for the next project. The flexible nature of the Gator 3-Inch x 4-Inch multi-surface sanding sponge make it perfect for sanding around railings and into tight spaces.

Sanding Sponge, 4 Pack
●For use on wood, drywall, metal, drywall, fiberglass, and painted surfaces
●Extra flexible for sanding irregular shapes, contours, and corners
●Abrasive grit is on all four sides giving you full use of the sponge
●Sponges can be used wet or dry
●Rinse and reuse for longer life