glass bead



During the production of marking paint, mix glass beads with paint based on the ratio of 18-25 %( weight percentage). After application of such kind of paint on road work, the paint can still keep reflective after wear and friction of car wheels. The ratio is referring to the standard of Communication Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China No.JT/T280-2004.Standards will be different in countries and areas.
According to the specification of Communication Industry Standard of People’s Republic of China No.JT/T446-2001, the granulometry is shown as table below.

Gravity: 2.4-2.6g/cm3
Content of magnetic particles:<0.1%
Reflective index:>1.50

Glass beads should be colorless, loose and spherical particle, and should be free of cluster which can’t be loosen by slight impact.

Drop On Glass Beads
During the application of paint on road work,thermoplastic paint should be to a certain level and used on the road surface as marking line, drop on glass beads should be dropped on the surface of line while it is still wetto increase the reflectivity of road marking line.

According to the specification of Standard of Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China No.GBT24772-2009.the granulometry of drop on glass beads are shown as table below, other parameters are the same as intermix glass bead.

Moisture resistance glass beads
During the producing.make the special coated on the surface of the beads,to increase the moisture resistance. Under the rain or fog condition, the water is difficultly to attach on the surface of the beads, so it will reduce the affect of the heavy weather which will influence the glass beads reflective ability. At the same time, this kind of glass beads has perfect mobility, no blocking , uniform planting,construct easily,can guarantee reflectivity ability,save dosage about 15%.