Resin sand



Applicable scope of resin sand abrasive

1. Product use:

The treatment of the workpiece surface, the pretreatment of the workpiece surface before coating, and the change of the mechanical properties of the workpiece, and the polishing of the workpiece surface.

2 Areas to be covered:

Aviation industry, shipbuilding industry, automobile, motor car, machinery manufacturing, mold, rubber, electronics and other fields 3

The specific application is as follows:

(1) Pre-treatment (surface treatment), electroplating, spraying, painting, etc. All covered parts shall be sandblasted before processing

(2) Cleaning: remove oxide scale, residue and dirt from metal parts such as casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts and heat treatment parts; clean non-metallic surfaces and get rid of hard shells containing carbon ash

(3) Core refurbishment: The refurbishment and cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, electromechanical equipment, etc. can be done by removing paint and peeling

(4) Burr treatment: the removal of tiny burrs on machined parts and the removal of burrs on the rubber surface (if applicable to the rubber tire field)

(5) Light decoration: all metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) have their surface traces removed, and the matt fog surface treatment has improved the quality of the product surface

(6) Oil field tubing cleaning and valve pipeline cleaning will not generate static electricity or sparks during the cleaning process, ensuring the safety factor in the operation process