Foam Abrasive Disc


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Structural foam disc has three-dimensional silicon carbide abrasive article on the surface, which can rapidly remove fine sand scratches on painted surface and show high efficiency especially for large panel repair. The foam-backed disc provides a cushion during polishing and minimizes the debris built up at the interface.

Mineral Silicon Carbide
Application Paint defect repair
Micro Shape Micro-wave
Grit size 3000, 5000, 8000
Color Grey, Blue, Purple
Backing Foam
Attachment Velcro
Regular form φ76mm, φ150mm, Jumbo roll
Polishing Media Water

1.High efficient operation, material and time saving
2.Fast cutting and precisely finishing control
3.Evenly wearing and consistent using

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Spongy Velcro Pad 50MM, Spongy Velcro Pad 75MM 800, Spongy Velcro Pad 75MM 1200, Spongy Velcro Pad 75MM 2500, Spongy Velcro Pad150MM 180, Spongy Velcro Pad150MM 500, Spongy Velcro Pad150MM 3000