Film Disc Roll



Structural Film Disc is manufactured by precisely coating andmicroreplication technology where silicon carbide particles are coated on PET backings. It has shaped triangular pyramid surface for paint defect repairprocess in automotive finishing.

Mineral Silicon Carbide
Application Finish/repair for clear coat, paint or plastic
Micro Shape Triangular Pyramid
Grit size 3μm、5μm、7μm、9μm
Color Fawn, Sage green, Purple, Grey blue
Backing PET film
Attachment PSA or Velcro
Regular form φ19mm,φ32mm, φ35mm Daisy, φ76mm
Polishing Media DI water or Soap water

1) Ideal for the defect repair process of paint, clear coat and plastic
2) Keep consistent cutting action and long life time
3) Uniform finishing surface without damage and scratches
4) Conveniently use with the mini orbital sander and easily peel